4 Ways to "Green" Dog Walking on Earth Day

Flickr photo by The Marmot
Dog walking is free fun for you and your pooch. On Earth Day, we have four ways you can make your next walk even better.


4 Ways to "Green" Dog Walking on Earth Day:

  1. Get fit: Walking is great exercise for both you and Fido. Don't drive to the gym, just head out the door and shed the pounds with Fido.
  2. Pick up: I'm not just talking about poop -- keep an eye out for trash and recyclables, and pick them up too.
  3. Turn off: I'm talkin' TV, lights, laptops, etc. By turning off or powering down and heading out for a walk, you'll save electricity.
  4. Enjoy family: Turn walking the dog into a fun family activity, and observe nature while you're out there. Who knows, you may have the next (Charles) Darwin, (Ansel) Adams, (Jane) Goodall, or (Henry David) Thoreau on your hands.

Will you walk your dog on Earth Day?

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