Celebrate Earth Day: Pee in the Shower, Save Trees & H2O

Flickr photo by loosepunctuation
Recently, I posted a comment on Facebook about peeing in the shower, and boy did I not realize what a hotly debated topic that is!

I'm pro peeing in the shower for many reasons. First of all, it's kinda hard not to -- call it the hand in warm water effect, which, thankfully, was never pulled on me at slumber parties as a child. But it's also eco-friendly in that there's no toilet to flush and no paper used. Lastly, it's the only time I can ever pee standing up, so I like to take advantage.

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Now, before you get all ewwwwwww on me, I'm not talking about peeing in the tub and sitting around in it. Nor am I talking about taking a shower, getting all soapy, and then peeing. I'm talking in the beginning, if the urge hits, but well before the soap meets the washcloth.

My husband is also a pee in the shower person, which is probably a good thing, because I could see where it might get icky if I had to share a shower with someone who was pro pee when I wasn't. There's also the kid factor, because if you share your shower with kiddos, you're probably sharing with a pro shower pee-er whether you know it or not.

(For the record, when showering together, pro-pee etiquette involves always warning the other party before getting into the shower, as well as during if the need to pee arises.)

So, to pee or not to pee, that is the question...

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