Organizing Your Kids' Art

The Organized Parent ($29.95)
Artwork starts coming home with your kids as early as they start going to daycare or school. My son had art sent home when he was three months old.

You don't want to throw anything away, of course, but there are only so many magnets on the fridge and frames on the wall.


So, when I saw this fantastic keepsake frame ($29.95) on the website The Organized Parent, I had to share it. You can switch out art as quickly as it comes home without any trouble. The frame pops open easily to allow you to trade out the displayed art whenever you'd like.

You can store the rest of the artwork in a folder or filing cabinet without feeling as if you aren't giving the current art of the week some wall space. It's a great space- and time-saver.

You can't decrease the amount of art your kids bring home or increase the amount of wall space you have to display that art on, but you can stay organized despite both those things.

How do you display your kids' art now?

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