Laundry Balls: Do You Use Them?

Lint Balls; Lillian Vernon
I've always been traditional about my laundry methods -- liquid in the detergent compartment, softener sheets in the dryer. 

But when a sample of a new detergent ball landed at The Stir, I realized round is hot -- and it's taking over my laundry room.


Take the dryer balls I picked up at Target a few weeks ago. Round rubber with spikes all over them, they're meant to reduce drying time, and they were less than $5 a set so I threw them in the cart.

Do they work? The jury is still out -- I bought them a few weeks ago, but I'm still working on the timing on my aged dryer. They certainly didn't cut drying time in half -- although the purchase of a front-loading washer a few years back managed to already halve our drying time.

Next up -- the lint balls ($9.98) I've been eyeing over at Lillian Vernon. I've heard they do wonders if you have pets (we do) to reduce the amount of fur that remains on your clothes. More importantly -- economics wise -- they're supposed to grab the lint, bits of paper and more before it clogs your drain. Even if they don't work, I'll only be out $10.

And then there are these Robby Wash detergent balls ($32.95) we received. Filled with little beads of hypoallergenic detergent, you pop them in the machine and they tumble around with the clothes. They're meant to last a full year (there are refill packs in the box), and I'll admit the amount of detergent left in the ball looks about the same after several loads as it does when I pulled it out of the box. The clothes smell clean too. If they last the whole year as promised, you're talking a major savings -- even buying our detergent in bulk at Sam's Club, we blow $15 every few months on a big bottle.

Are you going round for your laundry?

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