Simple + Pretty Garden Party Picks

| Apr 21, 2010 Home & Garden

  • Carrot Hand Cream ($14)


    Carrot Hand Cream; $14 at

    10 favorite garden party picks from Jane, the style blogger over at Simple + Pretty. Wonderful.

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    An afternoon planting or weeding can be hard on the hands. (I tend to forget my garden gloves, which results in lots of scrubbing at the end of the day.) This carrot hand cream from Baileys (available at Terrain) is not only soothing, it'll look pretty on the countertop.

  • Felco Pruners ($55)


    Felco Pruners; $55 at

    One of those instances where making an investment pays off. Felco makes beautiful tools that, when cared for, will last and last. I have the Felco No 2 and they're my go-to, all-purpose garden implement. Why are pruners a garden party component? To cut flowers for your arrangement, of course.

  • Fermob Chair ($198 for 2)


    Fermob Chair; $198 for two at

    With a plethora of colors to suit your style, Fermob makes simple, lovely garden chairs. Perfect to sit in and admire your work (preferably with a cool drink in hand). 

  • Carafe ($35)


    Carafe; $35 at

    A most elegant way to serve drinks in the garden is with this handmade Henry Dean carafe from Belgium. I'm envisioning infused water with strawberries and mint, or perhaps sangria?

  • Party Globe Light String ($39)


    Party Globe Light String; $39 at Restoration Hardware

    Hands down, my favorite garden accessory has to be string lights. We strung some from our pergola a few years ago, and every time I light them, I feel like I'm at a cozy cafe. Thankfully, they're now much easier to find than when I was searching.

  • Serving Tins ($5)


    Serving Tins; $5 at

    The perfect way to serve lunch: A galvanized tray (lined with parchment for a rustic feel, or a linen napkin for luxe).

  • Cloche ($25.95)


    Cloche; $25.95 at

    Cloches serve myriad uses, from food protection (no more unwanted guests on the cheese tray) to an elegant display piece.

  • Kansas Peony ($26.95)


    Kansas Peony; $26.95 at Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm

    I love peonies, period, but Kansas peonies were the first that I planted, so they hold a special place in my heart. Song Sparrow has an extensive array of choices, including Kansas.

  • David Austin Rosa Heritage ($27.95)


    David Austin Rosa Heritage; $27.95 at White Flower Farm

    This is the rose I'm adding to my garden this year, and I can't wait: Between the scent and the color and the shape, I'm completely smitten.

  • Mint Julep Cups ($99 for 4)


    Mint Julep Cups; $99 for a set of four at

    Whether you use them to serve beverages or hold flowers, mint julep cups make for an elegant vessel. Prices depend on the material; shown here is a set of 4 cups made from silver-plated brass.

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