Eraser Cleaning Blocks: Home Must Have

Photo from Amazon
The cleaning supply cabinet beneath my sink is a mish mash of impulse buys, samples and old standbys.

After reading ShelterPop's list of 20 unusual places to use eraser cleaning blocks, I thought it's worth a look at the home must haves -- starting this week with those blocks.


As ShelterPop points out, most folks use eraser blocks for the wall smudges that are part and parcel of life with kids.

But that's not why I always keep a few on hand. They're great on glass.

Case in point -- my toaster oven door, which was a prime source of embarrassment for years. I couldn't find anything that would rid the glass of the grease without scratching the glass. So I was forced to let the yellowish streaks remain . . . until I erased them all.

I've always used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but there are a host of other brands on the market these days -- and many are a lot cheaper.

Are eraser blocks a staple of your cleaning closet?

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