Repurposed Design for Earth Day 2010

Sheri Reed

Vintage Belt Floor Ma
Vintage Belt Floor Mat; Branch

As we approach another Earth Day, I just had to show off some creative repurposed design finds. I'm always impressed when a designer can turn some old thing into something I'd really want to have around my house.

Shown above: Vintage Belt Floor Mat ($688) at Branch

Yeah, it's crazy expensive, but what wonderful, genius design!

Also adore this Recycled Boombox made from recycled candy boxes -- because iPods and iPhones just don't have the street cred that that the boombox once had.

Urban Outfitters; $18

And how about these Speakers made from diseased elm trees, found via Re-Nest. Full tutorial at Instructables.

elm tree speakers
Photo from Instructables

Creative reuse is simply where it's at!

What's one of your favorite repurposed finds or DIY projects?

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