What is Green Seal Certified?

Photo from Green Seal
Trying to buy eco-friendly cleaning projects requires a dictionary these days -- there's "environmentally friendly," "biodegradable," "natural," and then the big one popping up all over -- "Green Seal Certified."

I admit it, I'm a sucker for something that sounds official. But how official is it?


Pretty darn official, it turns out.

Unlike the vague references to "all-natural" or "green," the Green Seal comes from a non-profit group which uses real science to back-up its logo on products. Rather than a marketing slogan, the Green Seal is something companies have to pay for -- and is only received after a stringent review process.

But it works -- according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), surveys have shown four out of five consumers will pick up the "Green Seal Certified" product over another on the shelf.

Getting Green Seal Certified is even one of the steps in the Federal Green Challenge run by the EPA.

Want to find products that meet the requirements? Check out the handy Green Seal Certified product/service finder.

Do you look for the Green Seal?

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