Andrea Jenkins of hula seventy: Show & Tell Home Tour


Andrea of hula seventy

It's Show & Tell Home Tour time again here in Home & Garden Buzz.

Today, we are popping in on creative mama, photographer, collector, and blogger Andrea Jenkins, otherwise known as girlhula of hula seventy.

Come on inside...

It's hard for me to remember when I fell in love with the world that is hula seventy. Andrea has such a eye for finding amazing colors and patterns in the everyday. I joke they must only exist in Andrea's world. For a few years, I have gazed amazed over her lovely photographs, and here and there she's given us small peeks into her family home. But I just had to get a better look around and talk to Andrea about the home she and Ward have made for their family. You're going to love this...


1. Andrea, tell us a little about your family and the size of your home.

We are a family of four living in a three-bedroom 1920s-era cottage in Portland, Oregon. There's my husband, Ward (a freelance animator and illustrator), my daughter Ava (age 8), my son Ezra (age 4), and me, Andrea.

Family time on the green couch














2. How do you approach decorating in your home? What's the most important thing and how do children and their tastes fit into that approach?

For me, bringing together a space (or an entire home) is a slow, thoughtul process. The most important things to me are color, comfort, functionality, and individuality. We're artists and collectors and I think our home represents that. There are pieces of the four of us all over the house—artwork, personal collections, photographs, favorite things.

A peep into the bright kitchen














Mostly, I like a sense of ordered chaos; I like repetition, pattern, and large groupings of similar objects. I am constantly shifting things around. I think a space needs time to breathe, to evolve. We've also put a lot of thought into the livability and comfort of each space. For example, we opted to convert the formal dining area into a family room. This is where we do most of our living—this is where we draw, read, hang out, watch movies, and end the day together. It also gives us the space we need to spread out. 

Collection of art














And while we've put a lot of thought into the comfort and functionality of our home, we've also devoted a good amount to the visual aspect. I want us to feel inspired by the things we see everyday, the things we surrounds ourselves with. Which is why color, artwork and personal collections are so important to me. I don't pay attention to trends. I'm a big fan of 'if you love it, you'll find a way to make it work.'

Books, globes, and photo booth fun!














And I also believe that kids need some sense of ownership in the process, whether it has to do with choosing where their drawings and paintings will be hung or what vase the flowers will go into.

Ava's lovely bedroom













Ezra's cool bedroom wall














As you can see, I collect many things, but I have chosen to focus on the personal collections I think the kids will enjoy most. For example, the kids love the letters that hang on the walls. My old cigar box collection houses the kids' art supplies. The vintage world globes are meant to be picked up, touched and spun around and around. They aren't really breakable, which means they can withstand a fair amount of abuse. Plus, both the globes and the old maps serve as great teaching tools.

Collection of vintage world globes














The vintage pennant collection represents places we've lived or visited, places we'd like to go. Everything is personal. Every choice reflects some part of who we are.

Vintage pennants from, oh, the places they'll go (or have been!)





















3. You like to make lists. How do lists function in your household?

I like to joke that my lists are the workhorse of our everyday life. I have a list for everything—daily to-do, weekly to-do, things that need to be organized, things the kids are working on, art projects we want to try, places we want to go, recipes that might work. You name it, I have a list for it. It's how I keep my head from going in a million different directions and how I'm able to function on a daily basis. It's also how things get done around the house. I'm pretty sure I've converted both my husband and my daughter into list-makers. Still working on Ezra. But he'll come around.

Old maps and a bowl full of Polaroids














4. How important is a clean house to you? Do you pick up for guests or do you let them see how things really look day to day?

Pretty important. A sense of order in the house sets the tone for the day. I don't necessarily clean so much as I tidy. I straighten and tidy the house in the mornings and clean weekly, if I can. And I usually feel best if I can pick up before guests arrive, but I won't freak out if I can't.

Family photos














5. What household chore do you tend to back burner most so you can tend to your creative life?

Laundry. Laundry gets me every time. I'll let the laundry go if it means a little (or a lot) of extra creative time. And I've been known to put off the the more labor-intensive housework as well.

Vintage desk by the window














6. What is your most important everyday ritual at home?

Our family time together in the evening, right before bed. We all end up on the big green couch in the family room. Couch time is for reading together, talking about the day, the week ahead. It's when we slow down and transition into bedtime. I'm thankful to have a space that lends itself so perfectly to this daily ritual.

Formal dining room turned family room













7. Do you have anything in your home brought over from your own childhood home? Tell us about this item.

We have a stack of old books from my childhood. The kids know those are special so we only get them out every once in a while. Mostly, I have things from my grandmother's home, things I grew up loving, things I was completely fascinated with. A little yellow honey pot (that I was never really allowed to touch), an old mirror with pink flamingos on it. These are just a few things that have made their way into my home. They fit right in with our vintage things and are pieces with such personal history. They remind me of summers spent at my grandma's house. And I love that.

Grandma's yellow honey pot














8. What is one indulgence you give into?

Fresh flowers. Although, since moving to Portland, I have a bigger garden than ever. The previous owners (our landlords and friends) planted so that there'd be something in bloom almost all year round. And I plant my own flowers as well. There's almost always something to cut and bring inside. When there's not, I love to bring home a small bouquet from the market. Flowers are absolutely essential during the long bouts of rain and grey that hover over Portland a good part of the year.

Cigar boxes and fresh flowers














9. What are your favorite stores to shop for home?

I love a good flea market. And by good, I mean junky. The majority of our furniture and collections have come from years and years of combing flea markets. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a good one out here in Portland. Lucky for me, there's an abundance of thrift stores (RERUN is my favorite) and antique shops. Also, I love IKEA. It's my go-to place for things like rugs, pillows, picture frames, and the like.

10. What are your favorite Home & Garden blogs or websites?

I love Poppytalk—I've been following Jan since she first started her blog back in 2005. She always posts the most amazing things. Also love: Sfgirlbybay, The Selby, Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh, shelterrific, and Design*Sponge.


Thanks so much for the tour of your home, Andrea. That was good and pretty fun.

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cafemama cafemama

Wow. I love it. There's just so much going on, yet it still feels orderly. It gives off a great energy.

momofmak momofmak

Love your style!!!  It's so bright and cheerful!  Makes me want to redecorate...

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Wow! The family photo frames are amazing. I love that she has a lot of stuff, but it's all placed so well like cafemama pointed out. I love the way she has the books stacked in the bookcase, too.

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

Can I move in? This house is amazing -- I love it, and love the use of color!

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

What a beautiful and warm home. It's inspiring.

Adria... AdrianaCooks

What I love is about this is how consistent the overall style of the house is--without feeling overly planned or "decorated."

Mommi... Mommie2Two

Its very beautiful. But where are the toys?  The children look very bored in the photos.

MsAtomic MsAtomic

This is so wonderful! Bravo Andrea! Your color palette reminds me of beach glass and that makes me think of all kinds of wonderful "kid" things. You have such a relaxed way of communicating and it mingles with the comfort of your home and makes the visitor feel immediately familiar. There's a sense of intimacy between the rooms and their occupants. I think the kids look at ease.  I think maybe Mommie2Two is confusing boredom with contentment.

nonmember avatar Jen Lee

I've been dying for a glimpse into your space after hearing our friends rave about it. It is an art in itself to create such a lovely canvas against which to create love- and inspiration-filled lives. Love. It.

nonmember avatar Ward

Mommie2Two, I'm wishing that you took the time to think about what you said here before you posted it. Your comment comes off sounding very condescending and (dare I say it) ignorant. I would like to think that you saw me (the husband) playing with the kids on our sofa there. I also would like to think that you saw our kids reading in the other shot. OH, and yes, I would like to think that you saw all the fun little knick-knacks on our son's wall, which he's entitled to grab and play with at any time. Please tell me that you did notice these things before you pressed "submit". Because if you didn't, then I'll understand. No harm done. But if you did, and yet you still felt that our kids look bored because - and this is your logic, not mine - well, there's no toys in these shots! Then that's just ridiculous. We have an 8 year-old and a 4 year-old. Of COURSE we have toys. But that doesn't mean we have to have them strewn across the floor in each shot for CafeMom. I could almost promise you that if Andrea DID show some toys then someone would pipe in, "sheesh, this is nice, but it sure looks cluttered..." You can't please everyone.

I can honestly say that our kids are extremely happy in our home - toys or no toys (who says you have to have toys to have fun anyway?). And with that, I'm shuttin' up.

Thank you, Sheri for giving Andrea this opportunity to open up our home to everyone out there. She took this very seriously and had fun in the process. The kids did too.

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