Eco-Friendly FLOR Rugs: Good for Any Size, Any Room.

Photo from FLOR (Good Day Rug Kit, $29.99)
Think you can't find cute, inexpensive, customizable, eco-friendly carpet that's delivered to your door and you can DIY install easily? Think again.

Shortly after we adopted our dog, Greta, she started having trouble walking on our hardwood floor. The problem is that 95 percent of our home's living space has wood floors, so rather than lug a 50-pound dog around the house because she turned into a statue whenever she stepped off her safety zone (the carpet), I did some research. I wanted eco-friendly, inexpensive, cute carpet options what also were easy to clean.


I found FLOR, carpet tiles in 19.7-inch (50cm) squares available in a range of colors, textures and patterns designed to coordinate together for easy mix-and-match. If you're afraid to commit to a color, you can also order three six-by-six samples for only $5.

Whether you're creating area rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall carpeting, your order includes FLORdots, which are non-toxic adhesives that connect the tiles to one another and not to your floors, so there's no worry of damage or shifting tiles.

For households with pets, kids or really anyone who ventures outside, FLOR tiles are great because if there's a spill or mess, you can pull up the dirty tiles and clean (or worst case replace) them. Better yet, if you have to replace them, you don't have to feel guilty, because FLOR tiles are made with renewable and recycled content and designed to be recycled into new product through FLOR's Return & Recycle Program, where old FLOR carpet squares are turned into new product.

I use FLOR tiles in the entryway as a runner, one in the kitchen in front of the sink, one in the guest bath, six in the master bedroom as an area rug, plus two on each side of the bed as smaller area rugs, and tiles spaced like stepping stones in the hallway - a total of about $250 for over 70 square feet of carpet! And after three years of heavy use, I'm pretty sure they're going to outlast me, or at least the dog.

Are you floored by FLOR?

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