Way Basics: Customized & Cute Organization

Way Basics; $39
Way Basics is a line of eco-friendly organizational products that are an easy way to bring both order and fun into your home. For a busy mom who just wants her house not to look like a tornado hit it, order and fun sounds just perfect.


We all want an organized home, where there's a place for everything and those places aren't eye sores. Easier said than done, though, right? Sadly, right.

These modular units that are made zBoard material (so, no strain on the environment) let you decide what your space is going to look like. If you need one cube, great. If you need 19 (I'm thinking in a play room of some sort), you can put them together to make one streamlined storage unit. If you want neutral colors or bright pinks, they offer it all. It's about what you want, and I love that.

The best part of all, though, is this: no hardware, no assembling, no parts, no headaches. Or, if you're in my house, no fights over lost screws and broken panels.

Way Basics; $20

This system just screams easy. In a nice, orderly manner.

Even better, use code WAYBASICS10 for 10% off your order in the month of April.

Do you need an easy organizational in your home? (Can't be just me!)

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