Modern Wooden Lamp Roundup

wooden lamp
Modern Lamp Store; $48
Something about a little rich wood color tossed about my home makes it feel, well, homey to me. I have bamboo shades in several rooms and wood baskets and wooden crates here and there. But no wood paneling...yet!

What I don't have -- and want! -- is a beautiful wooden lamp or two. There are so many pretty ones to choose from. Here are four lovely wooden lamps I found.





Wooden lamps shown below:

Shelby Table Lamp, Pewter and Oak ($48) at Modern Lamp Store

Surveyor Tripod Table Lamp, Dark Walnut Finish ($79.95) at Amazon

Helix Table Lamp, Walnut ($99) at Target

1977 Large Mid-Century Wooden Table Lamp ($88) at High Street Market

lamp pewter wood tripod table lamp

helix walnut lamp  midcentury wood lamp

Of course, if you're crafty and a little more whimsical in your decor, I highly recommend this Driftwood Twig Lamp Tutorial from Tim Neve. Divine!

Which wooden lamp would you choose?

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