Farmville User's Debt Tops $1000 in Two Weeks

Flickr photo by RJ Bailey
There's no question people are addicted to Farmville.

But there's addicted and then there's $1,400 in debt because you've been cashing in to buy imaginary stuff on a Facebook app.

A  mom in Britain says her 12-year-old put them £905 in the hole in just two weeks.


Frankly, it's shame on her for letting her tween use her credit card and not tracking his Internet usage.

But I'm willing to bet this isn't simply a kid thing. Ever looked at your friends' "farms?" Ever wondered how much they're cashing in?

I am not intimately familiar with the way the game works, but my aunt -- a self-confessed Farmville fanatic -- and I once did a little math to figure out how some of her "neighbors" were building maisons, barns and stables left and right. Either they spend literally all day online, she says,  or they're spending big time.

I don't get it. If I'm buying a chicken, I sure as heck had better be getting some eggs for my morning omelet!

Does this sound like a big waste of your money or will you cop to cashing in on a chicken coop?

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