Mom-Made Crocheted Crafts: An Interview With Mimi's Babies

Meet Charissa Smith of Mimi's Babies, a crafty mom from Hillsboro, Alabama, who makes and sells crocheted hats and beautiful booties.

We've got a serious Etsy habit going on here at The Stir, but while we're drooling, moms like Charissa are finding time to make some seriously cute crafts. We track down one mom every week to give you a look at what it means to buy Mom-Made.


Tell us the story behind Mimi's Babies:

As long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed being crafty and sharing my crafty gifts with others. When I met my husband, I discovered that my future mother-in-law was just as crafty. Over the years, we've given many handmade gifts and this past summer began discussing selling our crafts at local venues. Considering that we both work and I have three kids at home, craft shows were a bit of a challenge. We then began to look into selling online. Etsy seemed like the perfect balance between a craft show and a website, and Mimi's Babies was born.

How many children do you have?
My children are such sweet boys and I love spending as much time with them as possible. They're Andrew -- age 8, Jacob -- age 5, and Caleb -- age 3.

How much time do you spend crafting every week?
Ummm, as much time as possible! Seriously, though, I'm not really sure. I spend every night after the boys are in bed and every morning after the boys go to school and before I go to work crafting. Depending on how busy we are, I sometimes carry my crochet bag to the baseball field.

How do you make the time to craft while being a parent?
For us, it's all about consistent bedtime and routine. When the boys get to bed at the same time each night, I find that I have some downtime in the evenings to craft. By having good routines in place, we're able to make the most of our time.

Do you have your own craft room or do you share space with your kids?

Photo by Charissa Smith
Our house is a three-bedroom and with three boys, all the rooms are used.  I try to make the best of every available space.
For example, I have a nine-cubby hole bookshelf with fabric drawers to keep my yarn and hair clip-making supplies. Then I've repurposed half of our walk-in pantry for the rest of my crafting supplies. I hope that one day I'll be able to have a craft room, but the thought of it is also bittersweet because it'll be when my boys are grown and gone. For now, I'm happy with the space I have. 

What are your favorite craft blogs and/or shops?

Reading blogs is one of my favorite things to do.  One of my favorite blogs is Little Birdie Secrets. Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop, and I've met some fantastic people through Etsy. My favorite shop for handmade soap, lotions, and goodies is Sakura Bath and Body. Her scents are amazing.

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