It's No Housework Day! Been Celebrating All Year!

vacuum Dyson
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by casey.marshall

It's National No Housework Day! Yeah whatever... I celebrate No Housework Day like six days a week. Every week.

We all know that some man came up with this bologna holiday to try to get laid appease his woman. I mean who's it really helping anyway?


If you're well organized in your home on a regular basis, then No Housework Day is just going to throw everything off and make your tomorrow a total nightmare.

If you just keep the ball rolling during the week, like we do around my household (dishes get done, covers tossed up, painful stuff picked up out of walkways...), then it just makes you feel guilty that you don't do more. Not that I'm running to get out the vacuum, but guilt is exhausting, people!

In other words, no one's getting laid being appeased.

I vote for a real holiday for women. One called "Pick Up Your Own Sh!t Day." That's what I'm thinking.

No matter how you feel about it, there's a rockin' No Housework Day Party going on over at CafeMom. Join the fun. Hang out with cool moms. Play games. Make fun of silly holidays. And by no means, don't do any dang housework (unless it's going to royally screw your day tomorrow if you don't; then, by all means, go. work. that. house!).

Got a proposal for a holiday to replace No Housework Day or do you rather like it as it is?

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