Post Office Hours: Be Prepared for Tax Day

Flickr photo by kevinspencer
Boo, we have to pay taxes this year. Well, we got a tax refund from the IRS, but we have to pay that and then some to the currently hatin'-it state of California.

If you have to pay taxes this year, are you all set? Only 9 days left!


It was easy to set up my state tax payment online. The system allowed me to set up a withdrawal from my checking account on April 15th. Cause God knows we don't want to give up the money a minute earlier than we have to. But I highly recommend paying your taxes online rather than fighting the inevitable lines, even at the drive-up mailboxes, on April 15th.

Here's the IRS's Electronic Payment Options page to see if you're eligible to pay online and avoid the trip to the post office.

However, if you simply get a big kick out of going to your local post office on April 15th -- maybe it's a family tradition now -- then you ought to know the post office hours. Just visit the USPS post office location finder to find the post office near you and their hours.

Is it a tax payment or a tax refund year for you?

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