Spring Clean the Grill for Safety

Flickr photo by mccun934
We may have only one child, but my husband has another baby -- our grill

He's been known to throw on his winter coat and stand shivering on our porch just for a mid-winter grilled steak.

But before I let him turn the dial on the tank this spring, he had to do some heavy duty spring cleaning.


According to a recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 30 percent of people report flare-ups are a major problem when they're grilling.

That's not just a risk to your arm hairs -- researchers say the smoke in a flare up could be causing cancer. A good scrubbing to get rid of the drippings from last year is in order.

If you have a gas grill, now's the time to clear out the venturi tubes to ensure no critter or insect has built a nest that could impede gas flow -- and cause a dangerous fire.

Have you turned on your grill yet this spring?

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