8 Greener Living Tips From Eco-Loving Moms

Photo by Sheri Reed
Going green is good for everyone -- whether it saves money or saves the planet -- and many of us are (or always were) doing our best to conserve our natural resources and reduce mass consumption whenever we can.

And when it comes, uh, pretty much everything, mom knows best. Here are some great green living tips from moms on the path to greendom.

  1. CafeMom samurai_chica grows her own garden and catches rain water for her plants.
  2. pluslily uses reusable microfiber dishcloths instead of paper towels. "Works wonders!"
  3. Michele loves Method brand not only because they are eco-friendly. but the hand soaps come in great decorative bottles so they constantly are reused instead of replaced.
  4. CafeMom Mom2Just1 recycles everything, uses all reusable bags at stores, stopped buying bottled water, and bought a water filtration system. She also uses a reusable coffee mug, even when she goes to Starbucks!
  5. CafeMom tracylynnr67  watches her consumption of energy, natural gas and water "which happens to be in my financial best interest to do."
  6. GreenMomZoe says water stored in glass pitcher tastes much purer than water in plastic pitcher because glass does not absorb or add odors.
  7.  aprilmom00 has gotten free shade trees planted in her yard by her local utility company.
  8. One thing I've done myself after taking note of how much water I was wasting making my daily pot of tea -- I measured the water it takes and now only boil the water I need.

When moms spread their tips to their spouses, partners, and families, that makes for some mighty fine and sustainable greener living.

What's your favorite greent tip today?

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