Decorating Your Walls With Jewelry

Anthropologie; $12
I use decorative knobs to display my jewelry at home, and I promise it's not some newfangled art trend. It's because we have a pretty small house with very limited free counter or closet space, and I had to get creative with a lot of my stuff.

It was either get creative or toss stuff out, and it was not going to be the latter.


If you're short on space but refuse to part with any of your stuff, pick up some pretty knobs, hang them in your bathroom or bedroom and drape your best necklaces and bracelets around them. Voila! Quick and easy DIY project that gives you a place for your jewelry and pretty accents on your walls.

My favorite knobs are from Anthropologie, and while they'd be pretty pricey if you were using them for all the cabinets in your kitchen, they're fairly reasonable if you need just a few. I especially love these red knobs (shown above) or the framed facets knob ($14).

Do you have a creative way to store your accessories?

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