Fancy Sheets at an Unfancy Price

Amazon; $35.96
Slipping into crisp sheets after a long day is one of life's little pleasures. You work hard, and you should sleep comfortably.

Nice sheets usually come with a hard-to-stomach price tag, though, so we're forced to settle for ones that are just so-so. Well, not today!


I stumbled upon these fantastic, nicely-reviewed, 600-thread-count sheets on Amazon, marked down to $35.96 from $120.

That's 70% off!

You're not limited to the deeply-discounted cafe color as there are a handful of other options (all on sale for great but varied prices). I'm drawn to the chocolate color (67% off) as they'd best match my bedroom.

I love when I find something that makes me feel fantastic without having the guilt of of the hefty price tag weighing over my head.

If you like these sheets, what's your favorite color?

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