Praise for Police Dogs -- and Some Protection Too Please!

dog bulletproof vest
Photo from Vest-A-Dog
Police dogs are awesome in so many ways, but what amazes me the most is that they constantly put themselves in harm's way for their human partners, no matter what the circumstances.

Take what happened recently where I live, when Sacramento Police Department canine Bandit took a bullet in the neck while responding to a home invasion call with his human partner. Luckily, Bandit was shot in an area that didn't do much damage.


Every day, canine police risk their lives with little more than the fur on their backs for protection. Enter Vest-A-Dog, which was started in 1999 by an eleven-year-old girl in Southern California who began collecting donations to vest police dogs, an idea that has since saved the lives of thousands of canine cops. According to a Sacramento Bee news story, the vests are used during high-risk SWAT operations because they are bulky and can hinder a dog's movement.

I think these vests are a great idea, even if they aren't being worn all the time. It's just too bad local police departments have to rely on raising fund to cover their costs.

In a perfect world, all the police dogs would have ample protection from the bad guys, but then again, in a perfect world, there wouldn't be any bad guys!

What do you think? Should our tax dollars go to protect these animals or is it just the risk that goes with the job for these dogs?

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