DIY Coat Rack in Eames Hang-It-All Style


eames coat rack
Photo from Thompson Family-Life

I love to think I had a very small part (very very small, but whatevs) in inspiring Danielle of Thompson Family-Life to create this Eames Hang-It-All-inspired coat rack -- one that, if you're a little bit handy, you can make for yourself too.

So back to me... Yep, my wonderful little home tour with Abbey Hendrickson and her photo of her Eames Hang-It-All coat rack was the first to pique Danielle's interest in the colorful and modern coat hanger.

But then (and here's where the story becomes no longer about me... if it ever even was...), the Eames coat rack's $179 price tag inspired Danielle to make her own. And not only did she make her own version of this coat rack, but she shares the full tutorial with all of us. Oh, lucky us.

I'm so impressed with myself Danielle's creativity and ingenuity here. Lovely piece.

Have you ever created your own DIY project after being inspired by a designer version?

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clean... cleanaturalady

Very cute.  I do this kind of thing quite often.  I am cheap  frugal so I like to make look-a-like items myself instead of buying designer pieces.  I love the Eames style too.  It is funky and retro.  Love it.

Stacy119 Stacy119

LOL! It's so colorful! I love it!

maine... mainemusicmaker

It IS very cute...I'd never pay $179 for one though so a DYI would definitely be my route!

Pnukey Pnukey

I would probably find a cheaper version, but maybe it wouldn't be as cute.

frysh... fryshannon34

Oh wow very expensive,cute thought.Now if only they could make a coat rack that picks the coats up off the floor and hangs them up.Even with a coat rack my kids still seem to just drop them.It looks like they melted at the front door when they came in.

asil asil

cute... but again more than i'm willing to pay for a coat rack...

Carey... Carey2006

YES....if I see something I like (& can't afford) I like to try and figure out a way to make it on the cheap!

tazdvl tazdvl

I will try to find something cheaper or ask my friend that is great with DIY projects if she has any ideas.

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