Glitter Frames: Simple Craft Idea to Brighten Your Walls

Photo from Creature Comforts
I just printed nearly a hundred photos from my son's first birthday, and those hundred photos are still in the Walgreens photo envelope I picked them up in. Why? Because I don't have any picture frames worthy of them! Until now.

I saw this fantastic (and so simple) glitter frame craft idea at Creature Comforts, and I couldn't resist.


Marichelle from Lifeflix offered a guest post at Creature Comforts where she outlined the steps to make this bright and shiny glitter frame.

What's great about this project is that you can choose a standard-sized photo or you can custom-size your frame to fit a unique photo or print. No restrictions! And most of the supplies are standard craft materials (like chipboard, a ruler, an xacto knife, glitter, scissors, twine, wax paper, etc.), so you'll either have them on hand or will easily use them again.

Let Marichelle walk you through this project, and in no time, every picture you have will instantly become frame-worthy.

What do you do with your gazillion kid photos? Any creative ideas?

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