Minimize Plastic Bag Clutter

The Container Store; $9.99
Plastic bags strewn about the laundry room and piled on top of the fridge. They're such an eye sore!

As much as my husband and I try to avoid using or keeping plastic grocery bags around the house, they do creep in from time to time (for diapers and small garbage can liners). And somehow, those bags tend to mysteriously multiply and scatter themselves around our house.

Thankfully, I found this grocery bag holder from The Container Store recently, and it's perfect.


This plastic bag holder is nice and compact, fitting right inside a cupboard and getting bags out of sight. It holds up to 50 bags, which is great as it keeps you aware of how many plastic bags you have on hand and when to opt for reusable instead.

So, if you have a handful of plastic bags in your house, for one reason or another, this may be just the organizational find for you!

Do you still do plastic or are you paper or reusable only?


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