Lighting Makeover: How a Chandelier Made This Kitchen!

chandelier kitchen
Photo from me oh my!
Dont' think lighting or light fixtures are a critical part of your home decor? Think again.


Look at the kitchen above, from the home of Nicole Davis of the blog me oh my! Isn't that room gorgeous?

First off, hanging a chandelier in the kitchen is pure fun and pure genius. Secondly but just as important, that chandelier gives off great light, which sets the whole room ablaze in glory. Because so much family life typically revolves around the kitchen, creating a well-lit and happy kitchen makes a big difference in the mood of any family home.

Don't believe me? Go check out this "before shot" of Nicole's kitchen taken prior this lighting makeover. Amazing, isn't it? Looks like a completely different room. The new look is much more open and inviting, and now you can really take in all the lovely details of her pretty kitchen.

Great work, Nicole.

Has a new lighting fixture ever vastly improved your home decor?

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