Mom Reknits Old Sweater Into Something New & Useful

Photo from Reknit

Send Reknit your old sweater (perhaps the one you're keeping because you wore it back when you were still innocent and thought Tiger Woods was an upstanding family guy; yes, that one...let. it. go. I'm sorry to tell you the innocence is long gone).

Once Reknit receives your precious frock, artist and designer Ani Avanian's very cool mom will unravel it and knit it into something new and useful.

This month, a laptop case! Or socks! Yippee!


Okay, so it'll cost you $30 for the laptop case or the socks, but just think -- you can have THAT sweater (the precious one!) reknit into something brand spankin' new that you can continue to use or wear. Because we really hope you aren't still wearing that sweater anyway. You're not, right? It's recycling in the best ways possible -- because you get to take full advantage of the recycled goods.

Plus, check out some of Ani's mom's sample knits. She's making some beautiful works of knit art. What better way to sing praise to that old sweater!

Ever unravel a sweater and knit it into something new?

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