Fun Pet Photos: You Don't Have to Be a Pro

greyhound kittens cats

Fun pet photos aren't hard to snap. (Let me tell you, if I can take them, anyone can!)


I use a no-frills, small, inexpensive digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 2200, to be exact).

Even before I had the digital, I was able to take some fun shots of our pets (like the ones above of my dog Greta and of our cats when they were kittens), but the digital camera makes it so much easier.

I have regular "photo sessions" with the cats and dog and will spend a few minutes just following them around like paparazzi. Sometimes they ham it up, and other times I get some nice still shots (or what I call "beauty shots").

A great example of a beauty shot is Jodi Anderson's cat photo below. I'm guessing Jodi glanced at her beautiful cat, saw the way the light played on the fur, and grabbed her camera.

Photo by Jodi Anderson

Pet photography doesn't have to be limited to cats and dogs, either. Shreve Stockton, who documents her daily life with a rescued coyote at The Daily Coyote, recently added more animals to what she calls her "farmily" and started a new website, Honey Rock Dawn, where they are the stars.

calf cow
Photo by Shreve Stockton

There are also professionals who make it look easy, like Erin Vey. Her shots make my heart melt.

dog christmas tree
Photo by Erin Vey

But you don't have to be a pro. Just grab your camera and start snapping!

Do you take lots of photos of your pet?

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