3 Gardening Blogs to Grow On

digginfood blog
Photo from DigginFood
Today, I'm sharing three of my very favorite garden blogs. These beauties will inspire, teach, and motivate you to get your hands dirty.


Willi Galloway, an Organic Gardening magazine editor, has a wonderful space called DigginFood that I often turn to for garden inspiration. On her blog, she shares organic gardening tips, her favorite vegetable and fruit varieties, recipes for preserving the harvest, and DIY projects.

If you are starting a new vegetable garden this year, be sure to visit DigginFood for inspiration and guidance. Some of Willi's recent features include growing strawberries in containers and what lettuce varieties she'll be growing this year.

A Way to Garden blog
Photo from A Way to Garden

Margaret Roach, former garden editor and editorial director for Martha Stewart Living, has a treasure trove of a website called A Way to Garden. Filled to the brim with helpful gardening advice on topics such as spring cleaning your garden and mulching, if you have a question that needs answering, Margaret has an answer.

I love her free email newsletter too. You'll welcome its arrival in your inbox.

YouGrowGirl blog
Photo from You Grow Girl
Gayla Trail has been sharing her gardening tips and inspirations on You Grow Girl for ten years. Since the beginning, it's been one of my favorite places on the web. Gayla's posts are so thoughtful and encouraging. Her post, What Makes a Good Gardener, is a must read if you are intimidated by gardening. In addition, her photographs are just gorgeous -- don't miss the Daily Botanical posts.

If you are interested in growing your own food in a small space, Gayla is your girl. Her new book, Grow Great Grub, will show you the way.

What's your favorite gardening blog?

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