Relaxing Spaces: Home Decor Links I Love

day bed
Photo from Lonny Magazine

I'm pretty sure this gorgeous daybed, found in Lonny magazine, could make it all better. Life and work and even paying my taxes would be so much more relaxing from this luxurious spot in the sunlight, wouldn't it?

Yeah, I think so...


Here's more of what's helping me relax this week:

I find the size and possibilities of this Bulletin Board very relaxing (

These Landscape Paintings by Emily Gaines Demsky take me away from it all (The Enormous Tiny Art Show)

These Cloud-Covered Kitchen Walls still inspire me. (The Stir)

Here's a dreamy reason NOT to make the bed (design is mine)

I pulled off the highway to ogle this Orchard Full of Wildflowers over the weekend. The serene memory of standing here is keeping me afloat today.

What's helping you relax this week?

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