Super Cute Jewelry Organizers


vintage iron  jewelry standbeech tree hangerjewelry wall hanger

I'm in need of some sort of jewelry organizer, be it a stand, hanger, holder, or other decluttering object of display. My necklaces are in a disorganized tangle, my earrings are clumped together in a dish, and my bracelets, where are my bracelets...who knows?

Here are a few jewelry organizers that caught my eye.

jewelry wall hangerbeech tree hanger

cottage jewelry stand vintage iron jewelry stand

jewelry frame

Shown above:

Three Tier Wall Jewelry Stand ($18) at Urban Outfitters

Beech Tree Jewelry Stand Hanger ($16.75) at Muji

Cottage Keepsake Jewelry Stand ($17.99) at ModCloth

Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder ($59) at Pottery Barn Teen

And how crazy pretty is this? Hooks for necklaces available upon request.

Vintage Silver Wood Jewelry Frame/Display ($50) at PurpleDesignStudio

How do you keep your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets out of a tangle?

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jeann... jeannesager

I love these - my jewelry is always jumbled in the box, and you sort of forget your favorite pieces as they fall to the bottom of the box.

jennm... jennmarie77

I took cork board pieces you can get at staples and attached them to my wall and put push pins in it to hang my necklaces. My earrings, I'm still debating on how to organize. I have so many of them, that my little jewelry box my husband bought me doesn't hold them all.

5forj... 5forjulie

my dh got me a box and thats what I use

bstrung bstrung

I love these ideas! I make jewelry and have been searching for ways to display my jewelry at craft shows.

nonmember avatar Rachel Collinso

Thanks for the posting. I think jewelry collectors would be happy to know about this posting. Even if it is a stand it looks good. Trying various types of watches is the best.

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