Brunettes Hate Cleaning the House

Flickr photo by balinto
When I volunteered for the cleaning rotation here on The Stir, my editor almost knocked me over with enthusiasm (OK, she probably would have if we weren't chatting via IM from our houses on opposite sides of the country).

"No one wants to do cleaning!" she told me. Apparently I should be a redhead.


A bunch of surveyors with a hair fetish, er, too much time on their hands, actually asked people -- based on their locks -- how they clean house.

The gingers won hands down. They spend a whopping 7.48 hours a week cleaning those red hairs out of the drain and such. They even beat out the grey-haireds (or if they've gotten into the rinse again, the blue-haireds) who spend 7.41 hours a week of their retirement elbows down in suds.

The brunettes? Well, let's just say you might want to bring your own silverware next time you're dining over there.

I confess I'm not as prone to cleaning as I once was. Perhaps that's because I used to be a natural towhead, and it's darkened into a light brown over the years.

Blondes, the survey discovered, spent an average of 6.13 hours a week cleaning the house, while their brunette counterparts put in just 5.85 hours.

Who says blondes have all the fun? It sounds like brunettes do!

What about you? Does your hair color define your housekeeping abilities?

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