Modern-Fancy Girls Room: Kids Room Links I Love

girls bedroom
Photo from decor8

This colorful and pattern-dreamy girls bedroom comes from a home tour with interior decorator Jan Eleni Lemonedes over on decor8.

I swear the minute my boys move out of our house (won't be for a good 15 years at least), I'm going to turn their bedroom into a shrine to girly-ness.


More kid spaces links I love this week:

From same tour, large framed grid of Miniaturized Images of Child’s Artwork. (decor8)

Monster Patrol Wall Stickers to "protect" kids from the boogie man. (ParentDish)

No need to fear the Color Pink. (The Stir)

Some Cool Items for Teen Bathrooms. (ohdeedoh)

Vintage-Inspired Nursery for baby boy. (The Stir)

I want this aqua blue Hello Kitty Sewing Machine. (

What kids spaces or kids room goodies are inspiring you this week?

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