Best Bunny Rabbit Design Roundup Ever!

Sheri Reed | Mar 24, 2010 Home & Garden

  • Natural Vintage Bunny Notebook ($7)


    Poketo Natural Vintage Bunny Notebook; $7 at

    Record every hop and sniff in this sweet bunny journal.

  • Hare Coaster Set ($12)


    Hare Coaster Set; $12 at ELSEWARES

    Set of eight reusable hare coasters made with rubber-based ink that won't run, but the hare, he will continue to look like he's running.

  • Block Print Bunny Tea Towel ($15)


    Block Print Bunny Tea Towel; $15 from artgoodies

    Sweet bunny rabbit design for your kitchen.

  • Chinese Nursery Rhyme With Little White Rabbit Print ($15)


    Chinese Nursery Rhyme With Little White Rabbit Print ($15) from Grace Hester Designs

    Awwww, translates to:

    Little White Rabbit, white and white
    With two ears standing up.
    Loves eating carrots, loves eating cabbage,
    Jumping around, so adorable.

  • Cast Iron Rabbit ($18)


    Cast Iron Rabbit; $18 at Canoe

    Turn this good luck rabbit from Japan into the most adorable doorstop in the world.

  • Modern Felt Bunny ($22)


    Modern Felt Bunny; $22 at Stanley Moon's

    Modern felt bunnies in turquoise make me feel nice.

  • Bunny No. 1 Print ($25)


    Bunny No. 1 Print; $25 by Sharon Montrose

    Who better to practice for staring contests with than Bunny No. 1?

  • Bunny Pico Pillow ($26)


    Salvor Fauna Bunny Pico Pillow; $26 at Greenergrassdesign

    Oh, little pink bunny pillow plaything, will you be my best friend and confidante?

  • Bunny Mobile ($33.50)


    Hop Along Bunny Mobile; $33.50 at Modernseed

    For a new baby's Easter basket or for my office every day, either way.

  • Henri the Rabbit ($38)


    Henri the Rabbit; $38 at Mahar Drygoods

    This rabbit likes to party.

  • Bunny Girl Print by Im Smitten ($40)


    Bunny Girl Print by Im Smitten; $40 at Little Paper Planes

    This beautiful world is awfully short on bunny girl wall art. This print is 20 x 20.

  • Modern Bamboo Rabbit Clock ($48)


    Modern Bamboo Rabbit Clock; $48) at Decoylab

    It's half past the bunny's...oh wait...stylish and modern clock we have here, huh?

  • Small Throw Pillow With Bunnies, Dogs, & Owl ($60)


    Small Throw Pillow With Bunnies, Dogs, & Owl; $60 at Linea Carta

    What do you get when you cross three bunnies, two dogs, and a owl -- the design on this mighty pretty throw pillow, that's what.

  • Plush Bunny Pillow ($65)


    Plush Bunny Pillow; $65 at Supermarket

    Some-bunny please lay me down on this cuddly pillow and tuck me in for the night.

  • Stitched Bunny Wall Wear ($70)


    Bunny Wall Wear 2 by Neawear; $70 at Supermarket

    Getting all hopped up on bunny wall art. {{deep breaths, deep breaths...}}

  • Rabbit-Tat-Tat Wallpaper ($165)


    Rabbit-Tat-Tat Wallpaper; $165 at Rare Device

    Vintage-inspired bunnies between floral wreaths on polka dots trails on wallpaper, oh my! Designed by Emily Marie Cox. Double roll measures 27" X 30'.

    And a few more rad rabbits:

    Eco Bunny Bag

    Bunny Throw Pillows

    DIY Peeps Bunny Garland

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