DIY Project: Chalkboard Cabinets

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
Chalkboard paint is definitely "in" right now, but aside from it being obviously trendy, it also serves a purpose, at least for my family.

When we incorporated a chalkboard into our kitchen a few years ago, we used it every single day. So, when we moved into our new home this past summer, I knew I wanted to work a chalkboard into the kitchen.


Since it was impossible to hang a chalkboard on our kitchen walls, my husband and I decided to paint a couple of our pantry cabinets with chalkboard paint. This would allow us a design element we wanted without taking up any wall space.

But, we didn't want to cover half our cabinets in chalkboard paint in case we changed our minds about the look in a couple years. We compromised and decided to paint the two middle panels.

We were both impressed with how it turned out:

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
(Ignore the lack of hardware. Not all husand/wife decisions can work out as nicely as the chalkboard paint.)

All in all, the process was fairly simple. We removed the cabinets, taped the panels and took them outside to spray paint them. After leaving them to dry overnight, they were ready to re-install. Easy as that!

Have you done any cool projects lately with chalkboard paint?

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