Spring Cleaning Must: Map It Out

Flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography
If spring cleaning is overwhelming you, lean back a little on that chair, roll your neck side-to-side and give a deep breath.

It's time to regroup and map out your cleaning ritual.


Sound impossible? Just wait. Over at 3191 Miles Apart, they've broken the spring clean down into easy-to-accomplish steps.

Beginning with "tackle the unintentional clutter" and ending with "spruce it up," blogger Stephanie Congdon Barnes calls it her spring cleaning checklist.

"It's really just a little pep-talk I developed for myself," Barnes admits. "But I thought it might be helpful to those of you who are equally overwhelmed by the task."

I've opted to go room-by-room this year, starting with an overhaul of my daughter's room the weekend before last, then hitting the bedroom I share with my husband last weekend. I'm trying to be fluid too, setting early May (when my town will have a major dump amnesty) as my deadline for getting through both floors.

Do you map out your cleaning routine?

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