Peeps Bunny Bunting: You Make It

peeps bunny bunting
Photo from MADE

Okay, I love love love this Peeps Bunny Bunting, but I don't want to make this Easter craft. I want to buy it. You hear that, crafty people? I WANT TO BUY THIS SWEET GARLAND OF YELLOW BUNNIES!


There are people who make crafts and people who buy crafts (and dream of being one of the craft makers or someone who can simply sew a straight line, instead of a person with completion disorder). You won't believe this (haha!), but I am the latter.

Of course, if you want to make the Peeps garland, feel free! The full tutorial by Dana of MADE, found via ohdeedoh, can be found on V and Co.

In the mean time, I'll be sitting here wishing, once again, that I could sew and trying to will myself enough oomph to even color Easter eggs with the boys this year. Or maybe I can buy them somewhere already colored? Let me think...

Got any Easter crafts in the works?

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