Shower Curtain as Window Covering: Thrifty DIY Solution

Flickr: Photo by greeen sheeep
Window coverings can be expensive. Shower curtains can be pretty affordable -- and cute! So why not use a shower curtain as a window covering?


Shower curtain as window covering -- that's what Rebecca Brown (aka greeen sheeep) did for the windows to her solarium. Inspired by Flickr user * Eartha Kitsch *, Rebecca fell "head over heels" for this whimsical Home Vista Tree Shower Curtain ($24.99) at Target.

"The coloring fits my house like a gift from the design gods, and the length is just perfect for the solarium doors. I'm a diva in domestic heaven!"

The outcome is so sweet and dreamy.

Have you ever used a shower curtain for a window covering?

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