Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

dog bed

Photo by Juliet Farmer

There are three eco-friendly dog beds in my house (there's only one dog, but more on that later).


My quest for eco-friendly dog beds is never ending. So far, it's led to the purchase of three beds for my one dog (I know, I know). I keep one bed in the living room, one in the office, and one in our bedroom. What can I say? I like her to have options!

Two of the dog beds are identical (other than color) and purchased from Victoria Peak Trading Co. (42-inch, $75). The beds are made with machine washable and dryable 14 oz. cotton denim or 50/50 nylon/cotton covers filled with hypoallergenic, silicone coated, hollow polyester fiber that's encased in 100 percent cotton muslin tick (20 percent of this polyester fiber stuffing is composed of recycled plastic bottles!). I've had one for three+ years now, and I've washed the cover monthly and it's still perfect. (FYI - I went for the round bed type so my girl can burrow in and get cozy when it's cold out.)

The other bed, my most recent purchase, is a Caddis Corner Bed with Bolster ($59.95) that's extra large (44 inches x 44 inches x 64 inches). The bed's poly-cotton cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine and either line dried or dried in the dryer (line drying is more eco-friendly, of course). The polypropylene liner, filled with Hypro-Loft fiber filling,is also removable, washable and dryable. Hypro-loft is an exclusive blend of virgin and recycled fibers providing unmatched loft retention that won't break down with use. I chose this unique design because it's the best of both worlds -- Greta can either curl up or sprawl out.

(And don't even get me started on dog collars because I have way more than I'll ever need for a whole pack of dogs!)

How many pet beds do you have around your house?

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