Crocs As Hanging Planters

crocs plant hangers
Photo by Sheri Reed

Growing flowers in a pair of Crocs! Cool! And in my opinion, the ONLY way Crocs should be used (unless you're a gardening nurse or something...), and it's quite genius.

Thanks, Real Simple magazine.


The folks at Real Simple suggest stuffing the toe of the Crocs with moss and planting pansies, violas, pin-cushion ivy, and more. The holes offer perfect drainage points, and the heel strap provides a handy hanger.

Keep this creative reuse idea in mind before you toss out your old Crocs (really? you liked them so much you wore them out?) or if you got a pair from Cousin Sally and you don't want to chuck them in a land fill (I mean you do but...).

What do you think? Crocs as hanging planters, yes or no?

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