Nursery for Twins: Kids Room Links I Love


twins nursery cribs

Photo by Michele Zipp


Did you check out The Stir writer Michele Zipp's Twins Nursery Tour earlier this week?

So pretty and peaceful and ADORABLE. The dual crib cuteness kind of made my toes curl up a little with happiness. Yep, Hunter and Penelope are sure lucky kiddos.


More kid spaces links I love this week:

Reading Lamps for Kids cause reading in bed rocks! (The Stir)

Celebrate spring with 5 Ways to Brighten Your Children’s Rooms (The Creative Mama)

I do believe this might be the Best Baby Toy Ever: The Magical Blue Cube (The Stir)

Baby Closet Organization -- so tiny and cute! (This Young House)

What kids spaces or kids room goodies are inspiring you this week?

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