Creating a Budget-Friendly Photo Wall

A photo wall is a popular way to personalize the decor of a room while still creating the feel of displayed art. But, as most people know, buying enough frames to do your photo wall justice can put a serious dent in your budget.


I've struggled, for years, with wanting to frame and display photos in a classy way but not wanting to spend half my paycheck on the cost of prints and frames.

So, it's just plain nice to stumble upon an item that takes care of two birds with one stone ... or one blank wall with ten frames. This set of 10 black frames from Wal-Mart is $17 total. I can think of many ways to spend the money left over from such a bargain purchase and most of those ways involve jewelry.

The set comes with two 8 x 10 frames, four 5 x 7, and four 4 x 6. Plenty! And, there are tons of good reviews for this set, convincing me you don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home the way you want.

After buying these frames, the hardest decision you'll have to make is what pictures to display. Happy framing!

What bargain find have you set your sights on this week?

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