Shamrock--An Easy to Grow Houseplant

Flickr: Photo by tuchodi

Walk into any garden center during the month of March, and you are sure to find shamrock plants, also known as Oxalis. However, these plants are not from Ireland and are not true shamrocks, only distant cousins.


Still, the shamrock plant will brighten up any home with its sweet, delicate blooms, and the fact that it is easy to grow is an added bonus. Here are a few tips for nurturing shamrock plants:

  • Keep the shamrock plant in a cool place. It doesn't like to be too hot.
  • Choose a location with bright, indirect light.
  • Allow the plant to dry out just a bit between waterings.

Since the shamrock plant is grown from a bulb, it will become dormant during the year. This is normal and to be expected. Once the shamrock begins to look a little worse for wear, simply stop caring for it, and it will die back. Cut the plant back down to the soil and allow it to rest for a few months. To encourage new growth, give the shamrock a bit of fertilizer, and begin watering again as normal.

Do you have a shamrock plant at home?



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