Dill--The 2010 Herb of the Year


Photo by Shari Altman

Have you ever tried growing dill? If not, 2010 is the year to start.


The International Herb Association has selected dill as the Herb of the Year for 2010. Dill's feathery fronds and strong fragrance are pleasing to the senses, and it doesn't require much care except for a sunny spot and moist soil. In addition, dill provides a wonderful habitat for many beneficial insects that will help keep your garden healthy and pest-free. Plus, who doesn't love a good dill pickle?

To grow, simply plant dill seeds in a flowerpot on a sunny windowsill indoors. Keep soil moist but not wet. If planting in a garden, direct sow in early spring.

To find out more about this herb, visit the Herb Society of America for a free fact sheet. Happy planting!

Will dill be on your spring planting list?

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