Artisan-Made Furniture for DIY Inspiration

salvaged cart coffee table

Furniture Factory Cart Large ($1,295) from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware has a new line of beautiful artisan-made furniture from salvaged materials, including the above Furniture Factory Cart Large ($1,295).


Did you just spit coffee all over you computer when you saw the price? Yeah, I almost did too; however, while this cart coffee table (or wow, a cart like this would look cute in the backyard covered in pots of blooming flowers and succulents) is WAY out of my budget, it also serves as a wonderful bit of DIY inspiration.

With a little creativity and some poking around, you can find your own salvaged materials for a fraction of the cost, thanks to the inspiring ideas of the well-paid artisan behind this project. Stealing okay when it's for the greater good of your home decor. That's what I say.

Have you ever been so inspired by a design piece that you made it yourself for less?

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