DIY 2-Person Desk - From Inspiration to Reality

I finally have a desk to work on! No more laptop on my lap! And my husband and I made the desk, despite our complete lack of DIY experience and know-how.

I was inspired by a post on Apartment Therapy about desks made from hollow core doors.  The desks featured in the article are attractive, big enough for two people to share, and inexpensive  -- just what we were looking for.

Here's how we made our desk...





Our Materials:

  • Hollow core door (available at home improvement stores; $50-$60)
  • Trestle Legs (Ikea; $15 each)
  • Large screws & brackets to attach the door to the legs
  • Stain and polyurethane

Assembly was straightforward and simple (once we remembered to charge our drill). We attached the door to the legs using 6 large screws on each end. We thought it felt a little unstable with just the screws, so we added some brackets on the underside to stabilize it. We gave it two coats of stain then two coats of poly. So far, that's held up well and we haven't had any scratches.

To finish things off, we bought two fun chairs, some accessories to hold our office supplies, and magnetic boards for the wall. The small orange boxes on the desk hold all our USB cables and assorted computer paraphernalia.

What's your latest DIY inspiration or project?

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