Easter Craft: Egg Chickens

egg chickens

Egg Chicken Craft from Martha Stewart

One definite perk to parenthood: relishing in every little detail of every last holiday.

When I saw this Egg Creatures craft on Martha Stewart, I bookmarked the page immediately. This is truly a fun-for-all Easter craft idea.


First things first, you have to prep your eggs. Thankfully, Martha offers a step-by-step guide to making your egg creatures. Easy!

Once your eggs are prepped, you can start crafting them into chickens or other little creatures like bunnies or a ladybugs, by using pieces of felt to create their features (use the templates provided or go crazy and create your own). You can buy sheets of felt at any craft store.

Then, voila! You made a fun Easter craft with the kids and end up with adorable decorations for the holiday.

What Easter crafts are you excited about making this year?

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