Front Door Clutter Organization

Note Rack Coat Rack from MooreMagnets

When I look around my (admittedly messy) house, what I notice first are the pieces of paper and receipts and unopened bills scattered about. How do we collect so much random stuff?

I think it's helpful, when trying to organize your home, to find something to put as close to the front door as possible so your clutter doesn't follow you too far inside.

I love this Note Rack Coat Rack from the MooreMagnets Etsy shop ($26).


You can hang up your scarves, coats or jackets while also clipping bills, need-to-remember lists and cards by the front door, so you won't forget about them.

This is just one of many organizational solutions that can blend easily into your home's decor.

How do you organize your "front door clutter"?

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