Vacation Spending Will Make You Happier

Photo by CafeMama

That vacation down payment just got a little sweeter.

We all know there's nothing like a little retail-therapy to put your problems in the rearview mirror, but you can be glad you held that credit card in favor of a big trip. A host of studies say we're better off blowing our cash on a vacation if we want to find true happiness.


Looking at how people feel about their spending over time, the researchers found that experiences seemed to retain a value while the joy over material goods waned. So hitting up the mall is like that mid-morning sugary snack -- a great boost at the time, but a big let-down overall.

Life experiences were what mattered, according to a summation on Live Science, seeing a movie, going on vacation or a night out with friends. Perhaps because of the memories made or perhaps because there's always something bigger and better coming out (first the iPod shuffle, then the iPod Touch), the experiences proved to be valued by people for a long period of time.

So the next time you watch a game winner screaming "I'm going to Disney World!" and you want that smile on his face, maybe you should pull out your wallet.

Do you save up for vacation by sacrificing at the mall?

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