Martha Stewart Will Green Clean Your House

dish hand soap Martha Stewart

Dish Hand Soap from Martha Stewart Clean

Our favorite home maven just launched Martha Stewart Clean, a line of soaps, detergents and cleaners that are all "99+% plant and mineral based."

Because who better than the queen of the home to make over our cleaning supplies closet?


If you're used to thinking your house is clean only when it smells like a chemical bomb went off, it's time you get Martha-ized.

Certified by E.P.A.’s “Design for the Environment," Martha Stewart's cleaners are largely scent-free. But more importantly, they work on the sorts of stains that only a 4-year-old and her canine companion can create. The folks at Martha sent us two test bottles to try out, and here's what happened: from toothpaste on my bathroom sink to sticky handprints on the wall, the All-Purpose Cleaner got the gunk off (although it is not a crayon cleaner), and the Dish Hand Soap dissolved the soup that dried to the bottom of the pan when I had to go running after the dog who'd slipped out of her collar. 

For a green cleaning line, the prices are only slightly higher than most. The Fabric Softener, at an MSRP of $11.99 for 64 oz. is the hardest to swallow, but the average soap in the line is just $3.99.

Of course, none of it guarantees you'll have a Martha-looking home. But at least it will be a cleaner one.

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