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    In a horrifying story out of New York City, Jill Tarlov, a mom of two college-age children and the wife of an executive at CBS, was hit by a speeding bicycle in the car lane. She is now brain-dead. It is the kind of tragic tale that chills the soul.

    One minute she was out buying a birthday present for her daughter, and the next, she was in the hospital and unresponsive, all because of a bike accident. It's the kind of thing that happens far too often.

    There are so many stories of people hit by cyclists going the wrong way down one-way streets, speeding in car lanes, and running red lights because they can. In this case, the cycle was manned by Jason Marshall, 31, a musician who allegedly yelled at Tarlov to get out of the way before mowing her down on his $4,000 bike.

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    You know that song by The Who that goes, "Hope I die before I get old ..."? No? That's probably because you're not old. But you probably get the sentiment, anyway. Most of us don't want to die young. But we're not too excited about growing old, either. In fact, one man just wrote about why he hopes he'll die at a younger age -- seriously.

    The writer, Ezekiel Emanuel, is an expert in medical ethics, so you'd better believe he's given this a lot of thought. He's also the father of three daughters. Going by his photo, he looks like a happy, well-adjusted guy. Heck, he just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his nephews. So what's his hurry?

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    Have you ever called in sick to work? Have you ever called in sick when you TOTALLY were not? A hilarious Reddit thread features some of the worst best excuses there are out there to get out of work, and some of them are downright genius.

    Everyone needs a mental health day once in a while. There is no reason a person shouldn't be allowed to say, "I'm drained." And leave it at that. Of course, that would be SO much less hilarious. So if you are in the market for a believable cop-out, you can't go wrong with one of these 10 excuses for calling out sick.

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    I'll admit it, I despise exercising. But I also hate the way my marshmallow-y thighs are cascading toward my ankles. So when I was offered the chance to check out the hybrid workout New York magazine named Manhattan's "best," I jumped at it.

    Okay, not literally. I had to save some strength for this uber-intense but super fun class that combines sensory and trampoline cardio with serious muscle sculpting.

    I was definitely a little fearful going in to Bari Studio, which just opened its fourth location in Summit, New Jersey. Since my main form of exercise is going up and down stairs doing, and then delivering, laundry, I wondered if I could I handle it. Would I collapse in sweaty heap? Fall off a mini trampoline? Should I have a team of paramedics on standby? 

    Here's the inside scoop on the exercise craze that's attracting everyone from busy moms to professional athletes and Navy Seals!

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    Remember your body before the baby? Miss it? Even if you lose the pregnancy weight quickly after the delivery, pregnancy has a way of rearranging your parts. Know what I mean? You've been stretched. You're puckered. Your belly button is not where you left it nine months ago.

    And when people talk about getting back into shape? SIGH. You just feel tired.

    Well help is on the way: Celeb trainer and pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck created 7 postpartum workouts perfect for getting YOU back into shape -- starting with your belly! Check out these simple but effective exercises in this slideshow.

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    He may always be angsty teen filmmaker Dawson Leery to legions of adults who grew up watching the WB, but these days, James Van Der Beek, who will star in the upcoming CBS series CSI: Cyber, is all adult -- and dad! He and wife Kimberly are proud parents to three adorable children: almost-4-year-old Olivia, 2-year-old Joshua, and 9-month-old Annabel. As a result, they've had reason to become extra health-conscious.

    "[Olivia and Joshua] got the flu last year, when my wife was nine months pregnant, which was no fun," he explains. The experience inspired him to join a campaign to dispel common misconceptions about the nasty virus. Of course getting vaccinated, with the FluMist nasal-spray flu vaccine, is a must now for his whole family. 

    At the same time, James, Kimberly, and the kids follow various other healthy habits to stave off illness. The Stir recently caught up with the TV star, and he shared his and his wife's best healthy living tips for their family of five.

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    My children just returned to school last week. Normally I'd write something like, "Strike up the Hallelujah Chorus!" but from the moment they burst through the door at 3 p.m. on their first day, I've been inundated with information about their upcoming back-to-school nights. Seriously, there's been such an influx of forms and documents for me to sign, it's like tax season all up in here!

    My oldest child just started seventh grade, yet we're drowning in more paperwork than I received from the college I attended. Ever. That's including the 4 years I spent there and the 20 since I graduated. And I'm even taking into account their bounty-hunter-style alumni association, which could ferret a donation out of someone living in yurt in a third world country.

    Please, school district, I've only just recovered from the scavenger hunt/practical joke that has become my family's own week-long Amazing Race: finding school supplies. Cut me some slack! 

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    As if battling breast cancer weren't stressful enough, Daphne Richards is now filing a discrimination case against her employer. The newly divorced mother of two reportedly uprooted her life in Indiana to take a job with fast food chain Chick-fil-A in Colorado. She was drawn to their values and healthcare coverage.

    Richards started late last year as a shift manager, but in May, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. She needed a bilateral mastectomy and weeks to recover.

    The restaurant's attorney said that even though Richards didn't qualify for continuing benefits during her work hiatus under the Family Medical Leave Act, the company paid for her health insurance coverage during her medical leave. It was when she came back last week that her trouble began ...

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    Sleep is one of the most important things we do in a 24-hour period. Without sleep, we would wither away and go insane.

    Unfortunately, it is also the one thing that often falls by the wayside. Who can sleep when there are TV shows to binge-watch, work to accomplish, laundry to be done, and children to tend to all day long? As parents, we especially get the short end of the sleep stick since we are often up with children at night or desperately clinging to the shreds of private time we get between their bedtime and ours.

    Who could sleep through that? And yet, we know how important sleep is. We know that so many diseases and problems are prevented by getting proper sleep. The question is, how do we do it? We gathered 10 sleep hacks guaranteed to get you the rest you deserve. How delicious!

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    When you tell people you work from home, the reaction is often varied. Most people say how jealous they are and how they wish they could find a gig like that -- and by the way, do you get to run to Target in the middle of the day because you are "working"? The other half often say they could never do it themselves. "I'd be too distracted," they say.

    Neither group has it quite right.

    Working from home IS hard. I speak from experience: I'm a WAHM. And no, I don't get to run to Target -- or anywhere else -- most days. I roll out of bed, open my computer, and my day has begun. Very often I am still typing late into the night. Yeah, that whole "work-life balance" thing? Doesn't really happen when your work is in the same place as your play.

    It's hard to work from home, but there are some great perks. And there are things WAHMs can do to keep it running smoothly. Here are 7 tips for work-from-home moms that have been my own lessons learned.

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